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Easy decorations for your cakes

It is not always easy to sell the idea of healthy cakes, because people associate them with "not too tasty" or "not too good", and there many assumptions that they wouldn't like it, even before trying. And assumptions may blur our experience, stopping us from discovering or learning new things, and this happens to all of us.

So! If you are the one that is trying to introduce new ways of cooking or ingredients in your family or friends, or you are starting to sell in a local market, you can try to put more effort on how you present it, because in the end the decoration sells the cake!

Yes, we like it or not, most of people still consume things by their appearance! So you can make your healthy recipes, and make them look so amazing, that you will not need to try to convince anyone about its goodness. They will just be unconsciously attracted to them.

Here you have some ideas of how to make them look too good to not eat them!

Chocolate ganache

Chocolate garnache is the classic to cover cakes, but you can add an extra plus, and make some simple design on it. You can draw circles using caramel, and with a knife make lines from the inside to the outside (and it will look like on the photo), or just make a random abstract design!

Simple, but the result can be very stunning!

And how to make chocolate garnache? You will find millions of recipes for this, but you can also be creative! One suggestion: you can experiment using ripe avocados instead of butter!

Cacao beans

Cacao beans are an amazing healthy, surprising, and beautiful decoration. You can buy them already crushed, or do it yourself (put them inside a bad and crush with a spoon), and that's it! Sprinkle the pieces on top of your cake, make some design with it, and it will also add a very nice crunchy texture to it.

Fresh fruits, dried fruits, and nuts

Nuts and dried fruits are another easy way to transform a cake. You can put them straight, or crush the nuts in powder and sprinkle them on top, instead of using decorating sugar.

Dried coconut

And the last one for now, dried coconut powder! If you buy shredded dried coconut, you can grind it into powder, and voila, another ingredient for your decoration!


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