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Number pages: 80

Genre: wellness, health and nutrition

Paperback ISBN 978-988-79648-0-3

Publisher: Kamala Ltd

Audience: readers ages 13+ with interest in nutrition and becoming healthier, with no previous background in science is needed.

  • Principles of nutrition

  • Practical guidelines

  • Natural remedies

  • Modern trends

  • How to make choices nowadays 

  • How to be more eco & sustainable 

Your happiness and fulfilment in life depends on your physical state, and therefore, on your habits and food choices. This guide takes you through the principles of nutrition, with practical guidelines for applying it in daily life, and tips to adapt it to modern times. 


Take just a few minutes a day during next weeks, to learn how to make better choices, and to become your own master.


1. Happiness 

The happiness-health connection

2. Principles of Nutrition

2.1.  What you and your food are made of

2.2.  How your body digests food

2.3.  Homeostasis

2.4.  You are what you absorb

2.5.  Your gut bacterias

2.6.  Macronutrients

2.7.  Fats

2.8.  Omega 3 and 6

2.9.  Micronutrients

2.10.  B vitamins

2.11.  B12

2.12.  Iron

2.13.  Magnesium

2.14.  Calcium

2.15.  Bone health

2.16.  The water in you

2.17.  Think in nutrients, not in calories

3. Practical Guidelines 

3.1.  The magic solution: Long term habits

3.2.  How to build meals, size portions

and make a shopping list

3.3.  Eat less more frequently

3.4.  How to look after your gut

3.5.  Foods your brain loves

3.6.  Why to include nuts everyday

3.7.  Package of daily practical tips

4. Modern Food Trends 

4.1.  Modern diets

4.2.  Guidelines: Vegan, vegetarian, and flexitarian

4.3.  Sugar and glycemic index

4.4.  Sugar free: How to replace white sugar and cravings

4.5.  Intolerances: Gluten and lactose

4.6.  Alkalinity and pH - (updated on second edition)

4.7.  What are super foods?

4.8.  Nutrigenomics: You are not just your genes

. Natural Remedies 

5.1.  When you have parasites

5.2.  Acid reflux

5.3.  Sleeping difficulties

5.4.  Anti-inflammatory foods and tips

5.5.  Morning rituals

5.6.  Medicinal foods in world traditions

6. Eco and Sustainable

6.1.  Laws of nature and interdependence

6.2.  Organic, natural, and eco

6.3.  Foods most worth buying organic

6.4.  Adapt your diet to the weather

6.5.  Adapt your diet to your age, body type, and lifestyle

6.6.  Shop for local and seasonal products

6.7.  The trend of sustainability: Why it is also for you

6.8.  Tips to be healthy and eco-friendly

Last Thoughts

Don’t do it all, just do your best

Become Your Own Food Master​

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Number pages: 93

Genre: wellness, health, and nutrition

Paperback ISBN 978-988-79648-5-8

Publisher: Kamala Ltd

Audience: readers ages 13+ with interest in nutrition and becoming healthier, with no previous background in science is needed.

  • Foods for the brain

  • The science of your emotions

  • Fat, the gut, vitamins & the brain

  • Practical guides & summary tables

  • Mindfulness and eating 

  • Creating new habits

  • Mind-body balance 

A guide to understand how food affects your brain, feelings, emotional states, and mental abilities. The body has needs, and so do the brain and nervous system, which need to be met to function properly.

 It includes practical guidance, mind-body balance techniques, mindfulness exercises, and tips to create long term habits.


1. Feeding your Brain 

2. Nourishment for Joy

2.1.  Food for harmony

2.2.  Not another set of rules

2.3.  Tendencies and habits

2.4.  What if ...

3. Behind your Moods

4. The Ten Commandments

5. Inside your Thoughts


5.1. Neurotransmitters

5.2. Examples and more factors

6. List of Brain Essentials

7. Your Brain is Fat

7.1.  Types of fats

7.2.  Fatty acids and their role

7.3.  Important for today

7.4. What does it mean in practice?

8. The Energy Vitamins

8.1.  The main energy vitamins

8.2. The famous vitamin B12

8.3.  What does it mean in practice?

9. Your Gut: The Second Brain

9.1.  Inside your second brain

9.2. Gut imbalances

9.3. The roles of good bacteria

9.4. What does it mean practice?

10. Sugar & Brain

10.1. Blood sugar levels

10.2. What does it mean in practice?

11. The Psychology of Eating

11.1. The reasons behind

11.2. Knowledge is surely not enough

12. Mindfulness Eating

12.1. Mind full or mindful?

12.2. What does it mean in practice?

13. Breathe, Sunshine, Balance

13.1. The quality of the breath

13.2. Sunlight and balancing techniques

14. Recapitulation

15. Smoothies & Salads

15.1. Preparation

15.2. Brainy smoothies and joy salads

16. Last Thoughts

Foods for Your Brain & Emotions

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Number pages: 90

Genre: wellness, health and nutrition

Paperback ISBN 978-988-79648-4-1

Publisher: Kamala Ltd

Audience: readers ages 13+ with interest in nutrition and becoming healthier, with no previous background in science is needed.

  • A 10-plan to lift up your energy

  • Create new habits

  • Learn how to maintain it afterwards

  • Question your assumptions

  • Mind-body balance 

  • Track your own progress

A 10-day plan to learn how to rise and maintain your energy levels, and to integrate wholesome and healthy long term habits. You will find the principles to apply, a set of menus and examples, options to adapt it to the most common diets nowadays, and tools to help you to put all this in practice .

Question your assumptions, find out limiting factors, and create momentum for change.


1. Getting your energy up

2. Start here the Challenge

  1. Claim your energy

  2. Break habits

  3. What if...

  4. How you will do it 

  5. A few tips

3. The Golden Principles

4. The Ten Commandments

5. Question your Assumptions

  1. Feeling tired is normal

  2. Change is not really possible

  3. Genetics is the limiting factor

  4. Enough calories is enough

  5. Sugar gives energy

  6. Fat is bad

  7. Pain is inevitable with getting older

  8. Cravings are always a sign of weakness

  9. Healthy is boring, fast food is always unhealthy, and all organic is healthy


6. Possible Limiting Factors

  1. I work a lot, i don ́t have time,

  2. Lack of tools to deal with emotions

  3. Life is too short

  4. I ́m traveling, i can ́t do it now

  5. I ́m too lazy

  6. I always eat out,

  7. Social influence, judgment, and lack of support

  8. Physical pain

  9. Body weight, 

  10. I don ́t really care

  11. I lack self control

  12. I ́m too old, or too young

  13. Meanings to food

  14. I love sweets

  15. I get lost in the markets: shopping list

8. Body & Mind

9. Breathing

  1. Techniques

  2. Rhythm and depth

  3. Breathing exercise

10. Mindful Living

  1. How we think

  2. Creativity and art

  3. Active mindfulness and concentration

  4. Walking meditation

  5. Mindfulness eating

11. Recapitulation

12. How you will do it 

  1. Instructions

  2. How to measure portions

  3. Checklist

  4. Day plan examples

  5. Menus

13. Initial Notes

14. Your Journal

15. Last Thoughts

The 10-Day Energy & Habits Challenge