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Working together ...

Get in touch if you want to

Feel healthier and with more energy
Learn about the science of nutrition and the body
Optimize your current routine and create new habits
Get accountability and emotional support through transitions
Take a holistic look at your lifestyle

My work consists of supporting and guiding you with this process. 
If this resonates with you, feel free to get in touch to share your story or book a call at

A bit more about myself


I am a certified health coach and specialist in nutrition passionate about guiding people through the journey of health and long-term habits. My approach is holistic, considering both physical and mental well-being while aiming at reaching more balance in all areas of life. I adapt our plans to your unique needs and life circumstances, create dynamic and personalized programs, provide support and education, give tools and resources, and empower you for the long run.

I started the project Broccoli People with the intention of making my work a service to share my skills and connect in meaningful ways with people. An immune condition in my teens taught me the importance of physical health, which I recovered from thanks to lifestyle changes. It was obvious to me that health and nutrition were missing aspects of our education and I wanted to share about it in simple guides to make it accessible and easy to read. That's how I elaborated the "Food Wisdom" series and I distributed it through local places in my community.

After that, over the years, I have collaborated with different partners concerning well-being and healthy cooking and built a coaching program with a holistic approach that I personalize to each person I work with.

+ Former health coach with Gyroscope X, profile here
+Certified Nutritionist and Coach by ISSA (International Sports Science Association), and in Advanced Nutrition by Hong Kong University (HKUSpace)
+ Advocate of education, whole real foods, natural remedies, mindfulness and meditation, self-awareness, compassion, personal development, life balance, daily movement, growth mindset, small habits, and creativity. 
+ I have the eyes and the heart of an artist, so no surprise that I love painting. 
+ I am originally from Spain and have traveled since a kid. I have lived in Asia for a decade, so I'm very influenced and inspired by Eastern cultures.

+ I have experience with: 

- Weight loss and sustainable weight management, mindful and intuitive eating, mindfulness, and improving relationships with food

- Making healthy eating simple, convenient, and fun

- Autoimmune conditions, food intolerances, and gut health​

- Women's health, hormonal balance, and women's cyclical living

- Creative cooking, family cooking, and gluten-free recipes

With love & health,

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