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Knowledge is not enough

We can know lots of theory, read and read lots of information, but it is a very different story what we do in practice, and specially when nobody can see us. So, to become healthier, knowledge is just not enough!

Surely it is one important factor, but without practice, it can end up adding frustration. The things that stops us from actually doing it, those are the keys that would change the game, and they are very personal to each one of us. All the psychological factors that drive our behaviour, those are the keys to jump the bridge between theory and lifestyle changes.

Yes, understanding the reasons behind our choices can make it easier to put anything new into practice. We can blindly repeat habits, or we can observe them and understand the reasons why they started, why we hold them, or if they still make sense, and realising the filters that may be blurring the screen of our reality.

Remembering when and why associations have been learned, is a way to question their validity in the present, while also being open to change. And the awareness of the assumptions we may build our life on can make them more likely to evolve when required.

Right, that means that flexibility and adaptability are often very important in learning! Questioning knowledge or beliefs, allowing them to evolve or remain, it requires an open attitude, and that takes energy and humility.

So why to do it? Because the evolution of the choices we make can prevent future ill effects on our quality of life, and this is certainly worth the investment of the effort, energy, and time.


This is an adapted fragment from the book "Books for Your Brain & Emotions", you can read more here.


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