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The reasons of your food choices

How many times have you been rewarded or punished with food when you were a child? Have you been cooking to get the attention of someone? Did your mum do that when you were small? Or offered you, sweets, to shut you up when you were screaming?

There is an undeniable pleasure in sharing food, which gives it more functions than just nourishing your body, which is okay and probably also one of its purposes! However, you can also be wiser, learning to make choices that benefit your well-being without neglecting the social aspect. If life became too functional, it could be boring, but without health, it would not be ideal. Right?

Think about its role culturally. Food is related to wealth, social class, and beauty. In some traditions, long fasting is considered a good discipline. Do we need to experience extremes to appreciate being alive? Maybe, but taking care of life can also be a good practice. Either way, food means more than only feeding the body, although that is the main purpose of it.

The dilemma is: Are healthy pleasures good for both body and soul? Is a balance possible? And the answer is yes!

Questioning the reasons behind your choices is one step; education about the impact of food on the body is another. It seems obvious, but too often, we are sure that we already know, and this can block us from continuing to learn.

It could be difficult to accept the level of assumption our lives may be based on, the possible consequences arising from misunderstandings, and the possibility that these could be understood.

But it might also be an exciting path of exploration and learning if we are open to change on the way!



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