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The link between health and happiness

The physical conditions that impact your happiness

We all want to be happy, right? And, of course, we also want to be healthy!

The thing is that the definition of what it means to be healthy and what it means to be happy is a bit more complicated and personal.

But there is an undeniable relationship between our physical state and our happiness. The body has physical needs, and if they are not met, we will feel the signs sooner or later.

Let's look at how much health and happiness go hand in hand for all of us.

Our perceived happiness levels

Our perceived happiness levels are very subjective and relative to our ideas and memories.

There is certainly not a single or universal answer to how to be happier. We all have different preferences that make us feel more satisfied, different interests that drive us, and bodies with different physical needs.

Our conditions are just not the same, isn't it?

Happiness is an interesting concept.

It depends on our filters of reality, our perception, and our interpretation.

And to add more layers to this topic, there is also a kind of happiness that doesn't depend on what we do or what happens around us. It's a sort of inner peace or satisfaction with life, and this opens the discussion to another whole topic!

For now, let's focus on one less subjective and relative factor: our health.

When we are physically well and with total energy is just easier to be happy, right?

The relationship between our physical needs and happiness

Most of the time, our physical state and happiness are related and interconnected. The body has a physical dimension with needs that have to be covered.

And there is a direct connection between physical and emotional well-being.

The brain and nervous system control hormones that trigger feelings that contribute to creating our reality.

And they also have certain physical needs, which, if they are not met, will have consequences on our physical and mental abilities and performance.

Can you think of conflicts that may have been a result of this? Have you ever had back pain or headache and ended up grumpy and having arguments with everyone? Or, maybe your stress was the product of a certain hormone unbalance?

We all can remember situations like that!

But it's also true the other way around: happiness can make you healthier, while unhappiness can create physical problems!

In the end, neither happiness without health, nor health without joy, may be very healthy!

We probably need a balance between both.

Balance, the eternal secret of life...

Becoming healthy and over worried may not be so healthy

The rise of the wellness industry may have been too overwhelming, creating a conflict between "wanna be healthy" and ending up with too many restrictions, frustrations, or confusion.

We may be concerned about diseases we will never have, follow too many rules that eventually make our lifestyle become too complicated, or hear too much contradictory information that eventually we don't trust anything we read.

How do we know when this happens?

If we become too worried or dependent on something is a sign of questioning ourselves.

Our relationship with the outside

In these modern times, we are aware of the environmental challenges, and we have realized that besides the world we carry inside, we also depend on the one outside.

And our choices impact both.

We have been trying to find new ways to base our happiness and well-being more in harmony with the rest of life.

And that applies to the evolution of modern diets and lifestyles!

We have learned that my happiness and well-being are also connected to yours and everything else. Now I know if I want to be well, I must care about myself, but I may also need to care about my impact on the outside.

Start being happy yourself

And the trust is that happiness has a domino effect - it's very easily spread.

If I become happier, I will probably make you happier, and you will spread that mood around you too. It's what everyone wants.

So start working on yours!



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