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The greatest wealth is your health

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Knowledge and guidance can make you healthier

Knowledge about how nutrients, food, and exercise affect the body influences the choices we take and makes us adopt healthier and sustainable habits in the long term.

Awareness of  your choices and yourself - your tendencies and everything that makes you tick - is the most important factor for transformation. And you are the responsible one of this process, be an active patient!.


And happiness? The thing is that happiness depends on all of this - happiness and health go together ... and we all want to be happy, right?

Here you can find articles, recipes, books and expert advice with the intention to translate science and traditional wisdom into simple and clear words, making it practical, easy and accessible. 

Food Wisdom

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Nutrition & health

Practical guides 

Accessible & simple 

The science and principles of nutrition and health explained in a simple and casual way, with practical guidelines to create long-term habits and lifestyles!

Become Your Own Food Master
The 10-Day Energy & Habits Challenge

Foods for Your Brain & Emotions

Education & prevention

Mind & body balance

Health awareness

Long-term habits

Nutrition principles

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Modern trends 

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Practical guidelines

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Become Your Own Food Master 

Become your own food master
  • Principles of nutrition

  • How your body functions 

  • Tips & guidance for daily life 

  • Modern trends & holistic disciplines

Your happiness and fulfilment in life depends on your physical state, your habits and food choices, and understanding the properties of food and how impacts you will make you take different choices. Education is the secret for long lasting changes, also for your health!

This guide takes you through the principles of nutrition, with practical guidelines for applying it in daily life, and tips to adapt it to modern times. Take just a few minutes a day during next weeks, to learn how to make better choices for harmony, and to become your own master. 

The 10-Day Energy & Habits Challenge

  • Plan for change & new habits

  • How to increase energy levels

  • Realising assumptions

  • Overcoming limiting factors

  • Trackers & personal journal  

A 10-day plan to learn how to rise and maintain your energy levels, and to integrate wholesome and healthy long term habits. You will find the principles to apply, a set of menus and examples, options to adapt it to the most common diets nowadays, and tools to help you to put all this into practice. Question your assumptions, find out possible limiting factors and create momentum for change.

Foods for Your Brain & Emotions

  • Foods your brain needs

  • The science of emotions

  • Mind-body harmony techniques

  • Guide for a happier & smarter body

A guide to understand how food affects your brain, feelings, emotional states, and your  mental abilities. The body has needs, and so do the brain and nervous system, all of which must be met for it to function properly.

Includes practical applications, mind-body balance and mindfulness techniques, and ways to create new long-term habits. All of this to maximise your mental performance!.


"It covers lots of important topics in a very clear way, and that makes it easy to understand. It clarified many doubt i had, thank you!" - Marina, Germany

"These books are so good to learn and clarify concepts about nutrition and health, especially nowadays when there are so many options and messages! It makes "being healthy" easier, and i really love the holistic tips in all the books" - Delia M, Spain

"Thank you for having being keeping it simple and clear" - Sam G, UK

"I've read the first to two books and they are lovely, so easy to read, like a conversation, and easy positive attitude towards food and the body, really cool thanks! its good to be reminded of your body chemistry and what it need to work the best." - Trish V.S., South Africa

"The books are a great introduction to people new to nutrition, and looking to learn more about the various foods and nutrients, along with their impacts on our health." - The Thoughtful Dietitian, Singapore

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