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Do you want to proactively work on your health with an expert?
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Work on existing conditions and invest in prevention
Follow a long-term, sustainable and practical approach
Develop a healthy lifestyle and relationship with your body and food 
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"Food Wisdom"

Book series

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Nutrition simplified

Principles of health

Practical guides 

Become Your Own Food Master

Principles of nutrition

The 10-Day Energy & Habits Challenge

A plan to increase energy and change habits

Foods for Your Brain & Emotions

The nutrition your brain needs

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Free resources

Nutrition guides & recipes

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Expert advice and recipes

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Learn about holistic health & nutrition

Food wisdom


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Become Your Own Food Master 

  • Principles of nutrition

  • How your body functions 

  • Tips & guidance for daily life 

  • Modern trends & holistic disciplines

This guide takes you through the principles of nutrition, with practical guidelines for applying it in daily life and adapt it to modern times.

The 10-Day Energy & Habits Challenge

  • Plan for change & new habits

  • How to increase energy levels

  • Realising assumptions

  • Overcoming limiting factors

  • Trackers & personal journal  

A 10-day plan to learn how to rise and maintain your energy levels, and to integrate wholesome and healthy long term habits. 

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Foods for Your Brain & Emotions

  • Foods your brain needs

  • The science of emotions

  • Mind-body harmony techniques

  • Guide for a happier & smarter body

A guide to understand how food affects your brain, feelings, emotional states and mental abilities.


"It covers lots of important topics in a very clear way, and that makes it easy to understand. It clarified many doubt i had, thank you!" - Marina, Germany

"The books are a great introduction to people new to nutrition, and looking to learn more about the various foods and nutrients, along with their impacts on our health." - The Thoughtful Dietitian, Singapore

"I've read the first to two books and they are lovely, so easy to read, like a conversation, and easy positive attitude towards food and the body, really cool thanks! its good to be reminded of your body chemistry and what it need to work the best." - Trish V.S., South Africa

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