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Education · Health awareness · Encouragment

To make nutrition and health knowledge accessible, easy, and practical.

 To encourage people to become their own guides, and self-education for long term habits.

To spread awareness in the importance of nutrition, health, and mind-body balance.


Health <=> Happiness

To provide tools to help people become more educated and be their own guides, healthier and happier.


Integrity · Reliability · Accessibility · Simplicity

About the author

Hello! My name is Miriam and i have the genetic autoimmune condition Ankylosing Spondylitis,  which has made me appreciate health and dedicate myself to it. I had a very late diagnosis in my twenties after all previous years of chronic pain and fatigue, which led to a long process of learning about lifestyle and diet for such condition, and  been symptom free since then! All priorities in life changed at the time, and it started an endless journey of learning about health and wellbeing at all levels. Besides my own continuous self-education, i am also certified in Nutrition by ISSA (International Sports Science Association), and in Advanced Nutrition by HKU Space (Hong Kong University). Eventually, from all this Broccoli People took shape as a project to promote awareness in these topics and make education accesible, simple and easy. 


My approach: to emphasise the difference that knowledge can make on our daily choices and eventually in our quality of life, the importance of mind-body balance, mindfulness and physical movement for long-term health, and the transforming effect of taking all challenges, including physical ones, as positive opportunities to learn.


 My intention: I find that the amount of information and choices around food and health can be overwhelming or confusing, and for that, the book series "Food Wisdom"  has the intention to make knowledge accessible, casual, easy to read, practical, and without over complicating it.


My books: they have information for all types of modern diets (vegetarian, vegan,  and omnivore), with a combination of science and traditional wisdom, positive messages to not over worry about these topics, and encouragement to get healthier at all levels in your lifestyle, while becoming also more in harmony with the rest of nature and life.

Disclaimer and Copyrights

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These books intend to promote awareness and education around food and its impact on the body and move toward happier and healthier lifestyles, motivating readers to educate themselves on topics that matter. They give options and recommendations for all vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian diets, encouraging the support of environmentally friendly practices that are in balance with the rest of life. 

It does not contain medical recommendations to cure specific conditions, and it should not be used as a substitute for medical advice. Readers should consult with their doctor in any matters relating to their health.

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